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Toxic spill closes in on Harbin
Thousands flee Chinese danger city; chem slick...
In China city of 4 million, no water

Mass Layoffs Summary


freedom lost...................Next Stop: Big Brother
Peace Activists Arrested at Crawford for Standing on the Side of the Road
Bush critics get goon treatment

Hey y'all!!!!...."You know, clean-cut all American types, like ... Clay Shaw and David Ferrie!"
Message from Noel.......I'm Cruising on the island at Avalon for few days during the Thanksgiving. Tried to shoot, edit and send wirelessly while on the boat with no generator (350 watt inverter and 8D 265 amp monster battery. Works for short clips.)
www.catalinas.net The internet service (Tsunami) on the island has T1 wi-fi connection including over the water. I was seeing 54mb on my card!
Looking forward to try tomorrow maybe during... while I'm cooking during the evening... I'll actually be able to broadcast on Coverunner Radio - Ocean/Island Music ...wirelessly and on the hook...no shore power! Something I had dreamed for a personal broadcaster about 5 years ago...so hear it is.
LIVE 6pm PDT Thursday http://www.live365.com/stations/coverunner
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Noel Diotte
Coverunner Radio - Ocean/Island Music

from the CFR.......................................


Ukraine is marking a year since its youths, pensioners, and democracy activists took to the streets, (Foreign Affairs) refusing to allow a fraudulent election result to stand. As with many enterprises that spring from frustration rather than careful planning, results inside Ukraine itself (Christian Science Monitor) win mixed reviews. As cfr.org’s Lionel Beehner reports from Kiev, Ukrainians are disillusioned with the performance of the government born of the orange revolt. Former U.S. Ambassador William Green Miller says Ukraine needs time to make progress as it struggles with the legacy of corruption from the ousted regime.

how to invest in Tesco shares in Kenya Even if Ukrainians have soured somewhat on their revolution, the prospect of an orange wave empowering disenfranchised peoples elsewhere has despots shaking in their jack boots. Ukraine’s Orange Revolution and Georgia’s Rose Revolution continue to send reverberations outside their borders—Ukraine’s risk-takers inspired like-minded citizens of Lebanon and Kyrgyzstan; Azerbaijan’s recent elections featured paranoid state security forces on the lookout for any hint of a suspicious hue; and even in far-off Beijing, the reverberations continue. A senior Chinese censor, explaining Beijing’s rejection of a Financial Times request to print its editions on the mainland, said: “When I think of the color revolutions, “I feel afraid.”

Uzbekistan's New Foreign Policy Strategy
Drafted By: Erich Marquardt, Yevgeny Bendersky
On November 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Uzbek President Islam Karimov agreed to a mutual security pact. The agreement is further fallout from the United States' loss of Uzbekistan as a staging ground for operations in Afghanistan and in the region. After becoming concerned that the United States and the European Union were pushing for a change in government in Tashkent, Karimov severed his ties with the United States and the European Union and moved into the embrace of Russia. The agreement, called the "Treaty on Allied Relations," formalizes Uzbekistan's shifting foreign policy. [more]

Politics and economics -
UK Ministers - Lights will stay on this winter / Britain pays high price for dream of free energy market / Putin promises Japan pipeline to Pacific coast / Blue Stream gas pipeline links Turkey and Russia / Citgo oil for US poor (4) / Prices up (2) / In suburbs, mansions are only getting bigger / 'The War Against the Car' / Senators are blowing smoke on gas / Oil thirst boosts global tensions

end of the pay raise.....................

LONDON (Reuters) - Chancellor Gordon Brown will take a tough line on pay deals in a speech on Thursday, urging workers and employers to play their part in bringing down inflation.  Full Article

Russians seek to put restrictions on NGOs

Russian police detained an environmental protester near the lower house of Parliament in Moscow on Wednesday. Critics described the Kremlin's move to impose greater government control over charities and other nongovernmental organizations as its latest effort to stifle civil society and democracy.
Read Article >>

Top Labor politician defects to Sharon's new party
A prominent politician from the moderate Labor Party joined Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's new party Wednesday, the first such defection, adding impetus to a movement that could break a decades-long electoral stalemate over peace policies. The move by Cabinet minister without portfolio Haim Ramon came hours after President. Full Story

U.N. Faces New Political Threats From U.S.
By Thalif Deen - - Inter Press Service
- John Bolton, the abrasive U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who has been dubbed by one New York newspaper as "a human wrecking ball", is living up to every critic's gloomy expectations. [more]

hello Sherman.......................Utah Lawyer Hospitalized After Being Targeted by Homeland Security for Information Linking Five U.S. Supreme Court Justices With Bribery Over Bush v. Gore Decision

  LONDON (Reuters) - The dawn of a continental-style drinking culture or a lurch into around-the-clock booze-fuelled debauchery? Full Article
what's at stake?..............The size of the London economy, at £116,444 million, is larger than Finland, Portugal and the Republic of Ireland.

Pause to give thanks for simple things
Keillor: "Family, friends, good health (knock on wood), lots to be thankful for."
Kass: He stands by those who stood by him
Trice: Family grateful for a long-ago bond

the Fallen.....................
Marine Lance Cpl. Tyler J. Troyer
November 19, 2005

President to Welcome Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel to the White House
Executive Order: Blocking Property of Additional Persons Undermining Democratic Process or Institutions in Zimbabwe
Statement on Blocking Property of Additional Persons Undermining Democratic Processes in Zimbabwe
Text of a Letter from the President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate
Message by the President on the Second Anniversary of the Rose Revolution
National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, 2005
Thanksgiving Menu at Prairie Chapel Ranch

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