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3 November 2006
2005/11/03 06:27:03.1 49.77 N 155.24 E 33 mb5.7 KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA

China bans poultry imports from 14 countries
VIRGIN AIR May Install Machines on Planes to Kill Avian Flu Germs...
List of 18 Senate Traitors Pushing for Forced Vaccinations ('Bioshield 2'-S. Bill 1873)

Wildlife expert says control flu scare at source
Report Says Avian Flu Outbreak Could Kill Up to 1.9 Million People
Bird Flu Time Line: History of Avian and Pandemic Influenza
Avian Flu Outbreaks Common In Minnesota`

H5 In Wild Birds In Canada Causes More Concern

H5 Subtype In 24% Of Wild Ducks In British Columbia

Dead Ducks In S Korea Raise H5N1 Concerns

.........................here it comes..............

Bird flu could prompt travel restrictions
The U.S. could implement travel restrictions or other steps to block a brewing pandemic, according to federal plans released Wednesday.

Mapping the spread of influenza activity in Europe

A collaboration between the Department of Public Health, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Science, Niigata, Japan, and EISS has led to the use of a geographic information system (GIS) and the Kriging method to map influenza activity in Europe.

The map for the 2004-2005 season indicates a west-east and south-north spread of influenza activity across Europe (click here), confirming an earlier analysis which plotted the peak week of clinical influenza activity against the longitude and latitude of each country (click here).

In addition to providing a better visualisation of influenza activity in Europe, this kind of analysis could be useful in the case of pandemic influenza to focus control measures, such as vaccines, antiviral agents, or even human resources, and to help maximise an effective public health response. (JP)

Australia's looming police state

Counter terrorism legislation before parliament to address urgently the terrorist threats to Australia.
Australian Prime Minister John Howard told the urgent need for the amendment to the Counter Terrorism Legislation. He explained that that the reason for this amendment was because the Government has received specific intelligence and police information this week which gives cause for serious concern about a potential terrorist threat. He elaborated by saying, ”All the detail of this information has been provided by me and the Attorney General to the Leader of the Opposition and to the Shadow Minister for Homeland Security.Post your comments [more]

Digging Deeper: Why No Conspiracy Count for Libby?

Dirt Starting to Fly Around Alito's Supreme Court Nomination Saying He Is A "Mafia Friendly Insider"

Inside the president's mind
Clarence Page: Why President Bush didn't pick Samuel Alito Jr. for the Supreme Court first.

Amy Goodman: Cheney Taps Torture Memo Author to Replace Libby

Blair loses key ally as Blunkett quits for 2nd time

David Blunkett after resigning as Britain's works and pensions minister. The departure came as Tony Blair's government shied away from a parliamentary confrontation over anti-terrorism legislation.


from the CFR........................

On Syria, UN Gets Serious

Damascus faces its greatest crisis in decades following the release of two scathing UN reports. Syria vehemently refutes its implication in the first report (available in full here), where a UN investigation has found senior Syrian and Lebanese officials—including President Bashar al-Assad’s most inner circle—were directly involved in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.


In the Indian-controlled Kashmir city of Srinagar, a suicide car bomb targeting the new Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad kills four people and the bomber (BBC). Pakistan-based Islamic militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed has claimed responsibility for the attack (al-Jazeera), which after Sunday’s deadly bombings in New Delhi that killed at least sixty, bolsters India’s claim that Islamabad has done little to clamp down on terrorist activity in Kashmir. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf that forensic evidence from the New Delhi blasts point to Pakistan (Times of India), a claim Islamabad denies.

After Pakistan’s deadly October 8 earthquake, Indian-Pakistani relations markedly improved. But the New Delhi attacks sorely tested progress made between the two countries (Economist) and both governments have yet to react to the latest attack in Kashmir. The Srinagar attack is the latest in an anti-Indian insurgency that has raged inside Kashmir since 1989 and killed more than 60,000 people. Our CFR Background Q&A considers prospects for an Indo-Pakistani peace after the earthquake, which former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan William Milam says may be difficult given the conflict’s long and violent history.

The Security Council Resolution on Syria is a pretext for the bombing and occupation of Syria

Chief Syrian suspect is at center of power

Blast at Shiite mosque in Iraq kills 23
A car bomb outside a Shiite mosque in central Iraq killed at least 23 people and wounded 46 on Wednesday, targeting Iraqis on one of the last days of the holy month of Ramadan. With six weeks to go before parliamentary elections, the Iraqi government issued an appeal to former junior officers in Saddam Hussein's military. Full Story

London next?:  .................UPDATE: Disaffected Muslim youths rioted for sixth night in the Paris suburbs...

Abridged:    compliments of.........................http://www.lasttrumpetministries.org

A Nation and World at the Gates of Hell!

A Crescendo of Chaos!

The United States and the entire world are now in a time of strange transition, which is causing a general nervousness and instability. President Bush’s latest approval rating was 39 percent, (1) and I find that number to be very interesting as we approach the witches’ high cross-quarter sabat of Samhain (pronounced Sow-een) or Halloween. The number thirty-nine is three 13’s in the occult world and is triumviral coven power or power of three. On the other hand, the war in Iraq rages on, and the President has called for more sacrifice for his personal oil war project. On the 6th day of October, 2005, President Bush again used that word sacrifice when he said, “Wars are not won without sacrifice, and this war will require more sacrifice.” (2) We must remember that it was a personal friend of President Bush, Henry Kissinger, who first talked about a policy of no-win wars. Viet Nam was one such no-win war, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will likewise not be won and the President knows it. Wars are used to reshape the international order only, and that is Illuminati policy. You will not see decisive victory for one side or the other.

When a war is needed to reshape part of the world, the sinister minds in high places can always come up with a way to start it. It is a sad fact that the war in Iraq, which was started on the witches’ sabat of Ostera, was launched by bold-faced lies by four Illuminists in high places. On September 10th, 2002, Presidential Advisor Condoleezza Rice said, “We do know that Saddam is actively pursuing a nuclear weapon.” On March 16th, 2003, Vice President Dick Cheney said, “We will in fact, be greeted as liberators…I think it will go relatively quickly…in weeks rather than months.” Then on March 30th, 2003, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said, “We know where the weapons of mass destruction are.” Finally, on May 29th, 2003, President Bush stated emphatically, “We found the weapons of mass destruction.” (3) It is now common knowledge that every one of these statements made by these four conspirators was positively false, and the cost was and is horrendous. Countless thousands are dead, permanently disabled, and maimed. A country has been ravaged with heavy civilian casualties, and it has also been polluted with radioactive spent uranium from our weapons.

Wars and rumours of wars are a sign of the last days according to the words of the Lord Jesus, and from the Mediterranean Sea in the West to Red China in the East, war clouds are rapidly forming. Iran continues to declare its nuclear expansion, and Iranian radio continually plays nuclear propaganda songs such as “Oriental Sun-Nuclear Science” and “Nuclear Know-How” by Reza Shirazi. Both of these songs are sung to a backdrop of military-style marching music by Ali Tafreshi. (4)

Red China has just celebrated 56 years of communist rule on October 1st, 2005. (5) Here let it be noted that the news media has stopped calling that country “Red” China, but I persist in doing that because it is more communistic than it ever was, and we must never forget that fact. It is this same Red China that is now in a massive military buildup, including nuclear weapons expansion programs. Red China is the country where nearly everyone once rode bicycles and very few cars were seen. Now the Red Chinese are scrapping the bicycles and driving luxury cars and are buying a full one-third of the world’s gasoline supply. In the United States, gasoline prices are so high that people are parking their cars and buying bicycles, which are made in Red China. Now, this erstwhile bicycle nation has an active space program with two successful manned flights. (6) The last two space shuttle attempts by the United States were failures, causing the program to be put on hold. One shuttle blew up on re-entry on the witches’ sabat of Imbolg (February 2nd), and the other was disabled in space. We also know that in August, 2005, the Pentagon released a report to Congress warning that Red China is rapidly building its submarine fleet, which is posing a military threat to the United States. (7) Beware of the kings of the East! We may also ask the question: Why are so many Chinese restaurants popping up everywhere in America, including ones in small towns? Besides the fact that they feature a prominently displayed idol with a sample of the food that they serve offered in front of that idol, why are these restaurants so over-staffed, especially with men? How many of them have training in guerilla warfare and sabotage? Who would dare to ask such questions?

With threats of world war and imminent conflict, it is interesting to note that on the 11th day of October, 2005, Unicef, an United Nations’ children’s organization, began an advertising campaign showing the cartoon characters known as Smurfs. These little blue people are shown as tattered and burned and sitting among the ruins of their village sobbing hysterically. (8) The Smurf characters that have been so popular with children for years are actually an occult project of witchcraft. In the highest levels of witchcraft, the person of Lucifer is worshipped along with his primary general called Beelzebub, which means Lord of the flies. Subordinate to Beelzebub are seven principalities ruling over various realms and types of sin. One of those is the principality of the occult, which according to witches, appears as a wispy blue serpent with red eyes. The little blue Smurfs are always getting into trouble in their cartoons, and their patriarch leader is Papa Smurf to whom they always turn. When Papa Smurf doesn’t have the answer, he looks up and consults with one called Azazel. That word Azazel (pronounced a-zaw-zel) is an ancient Hebrew word that means the cursed goat, which is another name for Satan. Little children thus learn to call upon this goat in times of extreme trouble. The Unicef project is using the present threat of a great war to cause children to identify with their beloved Smurfs and do as Papa Smurf does. Incidentally, Unicef Day is and always has officially been October 31st or Halloween.

In late September, 2005, a special panel, which included Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, met at the United Nations for a special meeting. On the wall immediately behind the panel was a prominent display of three United Nations’ emblems, which feature the world as viewed from the utmost North, which is surrounded by two wheat sheaves containing thirteen kernels of wheat each, not counting the stems. Next to each of the three United Nations’ emblem was a gigantic six. Thus, there was a massive 666 proudly displayed on the wall. (9)

On September 15th, 2205, AFP News featured a story with a shocking headline. The headline said Bill Clinton as World Saviour. (10) The word Saviour was spelled just as it is in the King James Bible. The story also featured a picture of Bill Clinton surrounded by five-pointed stars or pentacles above his head. The stars were positioned so that two points were up. (11) Witches know that the five points of the pentacle, or five-pointed star, represent earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit. When two points are up, the pentacle is the symbol of the Horned Hunter of the Night. The symbols of antichrist are being brazenly displayed, and people are not seeing them!

In the United States, Satan is busy with his deceiving conspiratorial work, and never has this nation been in a greater state of spiritual chaos. On October 3rd, 2005, U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts began presiding over the highest court in the land. Before this could happen, however, he had to attend what is known as the Red Sunday Mass at St. Matthews Roman Catholic Cathedral in Washington, D.C. I have a Reuters News Service photo in front of me showing Archbishop of Washington Theodore McCarrick with President Bush at his right hand and John Roberts at his left hand. (12) Besides the fact that this Red Mass is held at the same time Red China celebrates Red Communism, we know that red is the color of harlotry. In Revelation 17:3 we read as follows: “So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.” We know by reading the rest of that chapter of Revelation 17 that the scarlet woman is the harlot religion riding upon the antichrist government or beast. We must also ask the question, why does President Bush, if he claims to be a Christian, attend a pagan Roman Catholic mass? He certainly is not Protestant! It is all illuminism of the first magnitude, and they are all conspirators and deceivers. In addition to that, October is their month of new beginnings as the final day of October or Halloween is the day that the wheel of the new year, or as the witches call it, the wheel of fortune, begins its new rotation. I must also mention that this is the reason why Armistice Day in the United States is always marked as the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. It is eleven days after the high cross-quarter sabat of the Wiccan New Year.

I will also briefly mention President Bush’s pet choice of Harriet Miers for appointment to the Supreme Court. Besides the fact that she knows as much about being a Supreme Court Justice as I do about piloting a submarine, she is in effect pro-abortion and pro-gay rights. She is being whitewashed as pro-life and as a Christian woman of great faith. Most of her governing experience was with her job as head of the Texas State Lottery. She has never even been a low court judge and was known as the gambling queen of the Lone Star State. When she was running for Dallas City Council she said, “I fully support full civil rights for gays and lesbians, and the AIDS education programs for the city of Dallas.” (13) George Bush really knows how to pick and choose among his incompetent personal friends.

Another interesting occupant that was handpicked by President Bush is Michael Chertoff, the Director of the powerful Department of Homeland Security. Michael Chertoff is a Russian Jew. Michael’s father, Gershon, was the first child of Paul Chertoff from Russia and Esther Barish from “Roumania”, according to the 1930 U.S. Census. Gershon graduated as a teacher of the Talmud at age 20 in May, 1935. (14) For the benefit of those who may not know it, the Talmud is a set of books condemned by Jesus Christ as tradition, and they contain some of the most filthy and disgusting loopholes and permissiveness for sexual perversion that I have ever seen. Attached to the Talmud is the Kabbalah, which is witchcraft of the first magnitude. I have personally seen this material. This is the teaching that our current head of Homeland Security grew up on. In addition to that, the name Chertoff is Russian and literally means devil’s son! In the Russian language, the word chert means devil. When we add ov or off to a Russian word, it means either pertaining to or son of; thus, Chertoff means either devil’s son or devil’s own. There is no other meaning for that name. (15)

Awesome Warnings!

The Bible tells us in Luke 21 that in the last days there would be fearful sights, including the roaring of the waves of the sea. The recent hurricanes are direct warnings from Almighty God, and now another hurricane is forming near the Gulf of Mexico. With all of this going on, President Bush declared that he wants the military to play a much bigger role in disasters. (16) Since he used the Dutch and Mexican militaries in our country recently, we are made to wonder which militaries he is referring to. President George W. Bush, the cowboy President, sometimes known as the “fascist gun in the West”, seems to favor martial law at every opportunity. When Hurricane Rita was approaching his home state of Texas, he cancelled a trip to that state and joined Michael Chertoff at NORAD Command Center in Colorado to see what would happen from one thousand miles away. (17) The President seems to spend a lot of time on Air Force One, which consumes 3,800 gallons of fuel per hour. (18)

At the end of September, there were still nearly eight hundred unidentified corpses from Hurricane Katrina at a makeshift morgue in New Orleans, so Chertoff was telling people to use an indelible marker to write their social security number on their right forearm as Hurricane Rita approached. (19) We must remember that the letter “Q” was skipped in naming the hurricanes, so Rita was the seventeenth named storm. We must also note, however, that “R” is the eighteenth letter of the alphabet, and eighteen becomes three 6’s or 666 in occult numerology.

The people in the southern Gulf states were still in shock from Hurricane Katrina when Hurricane Rita hit. The FEMA fiasco, including slow and confused response by the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA, was still fresh in their minds. Why did President Bush give his personal friend, Michael Brown, the job as director of FEMA when Mr. Brown had absolutely no experience in that field? Brown’s previous job was president of the Arabian Horse Organization. (20) Why did Mr. Brown spend $100,000,000 dollars on ice cubes (this is not a misprint) to refrigerate things in New Orleans, only to have the trucks hauling them dispatched over and over until the cubes melted into water and never reached their destination? One trucker said he was ordered to haul ice 4,100 miles out of the way. (21)

Hurricane Katrina destroyed 275,000 homes and damaged another 300,000 roofs. FEMA is paying contactors to install government-provided tarps at a rate of $2,480.00 for each two-hour job. (22) In addition to the widespread damage of homes, 109 oil platforms and five drilling rigs were destroyed in the Gulf of Mexico. (23) After Hurricane Rita hit on the heels of Katrina, the Associated Press reported that the entire region of the Gulf coast had been reduced to “caveman” conditions. (24) Entire small towns no longer existed, and hundreds of thousands of people were without power in sweltering heat. (25) With the flood waters came a new kind of “monster mold”, which is now causing burning eyes and nausea with respiratory problems. (26) Graveyards are washed away and caskets are seen stuck in tree tops. (27)

The witches sometimes refer to New Orleans as the Crescent City, because the symbol of a coven is a crescent moon with thirteen stars. It is also known as a haunted or ghostly city. In the light of that fact, it is interesting to note that members of the National Guard stationed at the Sophie B. Wright Middle School in New Orleans have sometimes been scared out of their wits by filmy apparitions of little girls accompanied with hideous laughter. (28) Members of the National Guard were also stunned while searching rubble at a marina where boats were strewn like trash and not a shred of paper could be found except for an open Bible, which was opened to a page in the book of Revelation. At a nearby church that was nearly destroyed, another Bible was found opened to that very same passage in Revelation. The news media did not release the information on what the Bible passage was. (29)

Another Pestilence!

We are now hearing about the avian or bird flu virus known as H5N1, which ordinarily does not transmit to humans. We are being told that it can mutate to become a deadly pathogenic virus that is spread to and among humans. (30) I do not doubt that conspiratorial illuministic scientists are now working to make that happen. President Bush has stated that if there is an epidemic in the United States, he will use troops to enforce a quarantine, which could easily be a nationwide martial law. This would change everything in our country. President Bush is now meeting with vaccine makers regarding this flu potential. (31)

What is really going on in this strange world of flu virus research? Reuters News Service recently published a story with the following ominous headline: Scientists resurrect 1918 flu to study deadliness. (32) This so-called resurrected flu virus is one that killed 50,000,000 people near the end of World War I. It was gone but has been brought back by scientists. We must remember that one of the directives of the Illuminati is to significantly reduce the population of the world to more manageable levels.

We must also remember that the Almighty God does answer prayer and will do wonders and miracles to help His people. One such example of Divine intervention happened on October 6th, 2005, when a cargo plane, carrying flu viruses, crashed and burned, destroying all of the viruses in the fire. The incident happened near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (33)

Lust and Perversion in the Last Days!

We know that one of the most powerful evil spirits at work in the last days is that of perversion and sexual lust. These evil spirits cause addictions to pornography and other such satanic devices that destroy marriages, promote loathsome diseases, and causes society to rot morally. Recently MSNBC News reported that in the United States, fifteen percent of the people have paid someone for sex, and nineteen percent of the people had gone through more than twenty-five partners! (34) It has also been reported that there is such a demand for sex toys, which had previously been sold only in smut shops, that stores such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, CVS, and Walgreen’s are now selling such supplies and devices that are far too embarrassing for me to mention in the newsletter. (35) Wal-Mart is also featuring a new book with free delivery to any Wal-Mart store entitled Best Lesbian Love Stories. (36) It is all a matter of satanic supply and demand.

The Starbuck’s coffee chain is running a campaign called The way I see it. Messages are printed on the coffee cups. For example, cup number forty-three promotes homosexuality by saying, “My only regret about being gay is that I repressed it for so long. I surrendered my youth to the people I feared when I could have been out there loving someone. Don’t make that mistake yourself. Life’s too _ _ _ _ short.” (37)

Many people may not realize this, but the American Red Cross has Corporate Diversity committees that oversee the implementation of a “diversity code.” In May, 2005, Red Cross Chief Diversity Officer David Wilkins issued an official statement which said, “It is my pleasure to announce that June will be recognized as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month at the national headquarters. It is only fitting that we reinforce our organization’s commitment to inclusion by recognizing this important group and celebrating the many accomplishments they have made to our organization. I’d like to take this opportunity during the month of June to encourage field units to extend their reach into gay and lesbian communities.” In response to this directive, Michael Hartman, a Christian who worked for the Red Cross, refused to go along with the plan and was promptly fired from his job. (38) It is a sad day in our land when sodomites wield such power. It is also sad that so-called “Christian” ministers throughout the United States are putting signs on their pulpits saying Pride in my Pulpit to declare their acceptance of the sin of Sodom.

Final Cries of the Creation!

As the measured judgments of the Almighty increase, we know that soon our Lord and Saviour will come and bring final judgment with Him. The signs are everywhere, and it has never been like this before as catastrophes overlap each other. On October 4th, 2005, an eleventh earthquake in Ethiopia triggered a massive volcanic eruption leaving 50,000 people displaced. On October 10th, 2005, torrential rains associated with hurricanes caused such massive mudslides that entire villages were buried and abandoned as mass graves. On September 26th, 2005, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake shook northern Peru. On October 8th, 2005, Pakistan was terribly shaken with a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 60,000 people and injured over 100,000. Not only was the damage widespread, but massive cracks running deep into the earth are throughout the area. Reports have also revealed that an entire generation of young people has been killed in this disaster. (44) These earthquakes were only a few of the 384 significant earthquakes that have happened in the thirty days from September 16th to October 15th, 2005. (45)

Widespread damage, caused by torrential rains, wind, and severe flooding, also hit New England and our Northeastern states. On the other hand, northern Brazil is so dry that the mighty Amazon River is drying up. The Amazon has been the river delivering the greatest volume of water into the ocean in the entire world. Now it is so shallow that boats and barges cannot make it through. (46) Can we not discern the signs of the times? Eternity is just ahead, and America and the world now stand at the very gates of hell until true repentance comes forth.

In closing I urge everyone to sound the alarm, for our Lord is coming. Continue to pray fervently, for the time is short. Please continue to send us your prayer requests, and our intercessors will give each one individual attention. I offer my sincerest thanks to all who support this ministry. Grace and peace be unto you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

David J. Meyer

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