Top 4 Facial Treatments You Have to Try

Everyone deserves to feel and look beautiful. If this entails going to the spa every month to have your favourite facial treatment, then do it. I have always been a big fan of facials because of the way they improve my self-esteem and self-confidence.

More importantly, I’m a sucker for the latest trends and innovations in the facials industry. Good thing I can always rely on Beaute to provide me with only the best treatments for my skin.

You can visit Beaute’s page if you want to check out their latest, too. For now, I am going to share with you the top 4 facial treatments you have to try.

1. Red Carpet Facial

This has got to be my personal favourite. Imagine spending some 75 minutes of your time sitting there and relaxing while your aesthetician goes to work on your face.

I found out that this facial treatment is exclusive for high-profile clients. It does give you the feeling that you are a VIP but the most important thing is that the treatment guarantees a skin that is cleaner and more radiant.

You will also feel a healthy glow on the skin because of its exceptional hydration.

Because this treatment is for celebrities, socialites, and the elite, do not expect the treatment to be so-so.

As a matter of fact, the facial treatment includes 3 different programmes to give you the kind of skin that you’ve always dreamed about. There’s the Sheer Bliss Facial which integrates a relaxing massage with deep skin cleansing.

There’s also the Renew treatment which polishes the skin to give it a long-lasting glow. Rounding up the treatment is Omnilux, which brings a new level of plumpness to your skin.

2. HYDRA – Plus

If you’re not into the glitz and glam of a red carpet style of facial, then the HYDRA Plus is the one to try.

For about an hour, the aesthetician will work on giving your skin a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, and nourishment.

To complement these treatments, your skin will be given oxygen, too. The result? How about a radiant complexion that lasts for months?

But that is not all there is to the HYDRA – Plus. You will also get a relaxing serenity massage that targets the muscles of the face, shoulders, and neck. You cannot get a much better deal than that.

You’ll feel more relaxed, while at the same time enjoy the firming and hydrating benefits of the facial.

3. Hydradermie Age Logic

It should be obvious what this facial treatment hopes to provide. You may not believe in the Fountain of Youth but this facial can help defy the process of ageing.

You may have already heard about the advantages of the Hydradermie treatment. Well, with the addition of Age Logic treatment, you are looking at a facial that can bring back a more youthful and more vibrant look in you.

What the treatment does is that it deprogrammes the process of ageing. The system activates inactive skin cells so that they will replace those that give us the dull, boring, and bland look.

I have tried this treatment once. And I can say with all honesty that the facial treatment gave me a healthier glow to my skin. I also noticed the fine lines on my face disappear. Now that is what you can call magic.

4. Hydraclean

Some of us are so engrossed in our work or our household chores that we find it difficult to find time for a facial.

Well, Hydraclean addresses that. This treatment is a lunchtime facial that can give you a fresh-looking and glowing skin.

The best part of this is that the treatment can also reduce up to 93% of sebum spots. Your skin will feel flawless, more hydrated, plumper, and more radiant, too. And you only need 30 minutes to get all of these benefits.

There are other effective facial treatments I can share with you. These 4 facials should suffice for now. I do encourage you to try at least one of them to feel the difference.

Christina Hoover

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